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A cleanser is the first and most important step for healthy, glowing skin. To preserve a healthy looking, radiant skin, you need to constantly take care of it. Regular cleansing removes impurities, leaving skin clean and refreshed. Thus, helping the skin absorb the beneficial ingredients of other face care products more easily.

How to choose the right face cleansers?

Choosing the right facial cleanser is not so easy. Here’s what to keep in mind when choosing a cleanser:

  • Choose a gentle facial cleanser to remove impurities without over-drying and stripping skin of its natural moisture.
  • Choose a PH-balanced cleanser to maintain skin’s natural balance.
  • Choose a natural face cleanser, excluding harmful synthetic ingredients, to avoid allergies.
  • Choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type; a creamy cleanser if you have dry skin or a gel, foamy cleanser if you have oily skin.


Toning is a very simple process; its main aim is to remove any remaining traces of the cleanser. It tightens the skin in preparation for moisturizing. If you have steamed your face after cleansing, toning tightens up the pores and is an important step before applying makeup. Water itself is the most natural toner; use lukewarm water, or for a more revitalizing feeling use cold water, but avoid hot water which can damage the cells of the facial skin.


A good skin care regime involves washing your face daily and moisturising. However, these are just the basics. Using a face scrub will really take your skin to the next level. It will help the skin to look and feel healthy by getting rid of dirt and giving a much brighter and radiant complexion.

Face scrubs exfoliate the skin. They work by removing blackheads and dead skin of the outer layer which is most exposed. Regular use of a face scrub helps remove dead skin and brings new skin to the surface. The new layer is smoother and better looking.
Exfoliating can be done face scrub 2 to 3 times a week. However, those with dry skin should probably exfoliate only once a week. Excessive use will actually harm the skin rather than improve it. The skin will dry out, because the natural oil that it produces will be stripped away and the skin will become ‘flaky’.


A good Wipe is able to remove the dirt and grime of make up and the environment. Wipes are for when there is no time for a time-consuming facial wash and tone. Most wipes cleanse, exfoliate and tone at the same time and is a god send when you are on the move or too tired to wash your face. A good Wipe is are able to remove the dirt and grime of make up and the environment. , and face wipes come in handy for a speedy facial cleanse. We’ve rounded up the best for blitzing through make-up and dirt, ideal for using before bed, at a festival, or throwing in your gym bag.


It is important to moisturise, even when you have oily skin. Without moisturising, the body produces too much natural oil sebum), which clogs the pores leading to blemishes. The best time to moisturize is after toning. You may apply body lotion after a hot bath, when the pores are open, as more moisture is absorbed this way, but do not apply moisture to the face at this time, as it will feel clogged. Wait until the pores of the skin have closed a little before moisturizing the face or applying makeup.

3 steps for a clean and radiant skin

Give yourself a few minutes daily to follow 3 simple steps and get your skin clean and glowing!

  • Step 1: cleansing. Use a mild cleanser day and night to effectively remove dust, dirt and makeup.
  • Step 2: exfoliating. Once you have done cleansing, you can go for light scrubbing. This will help you get rid of blackheads and dead skin cells. Repeat twice a week.
  • Step 3: toning. Use a toner to remove any residual dirt or cleanser on the face. It also helps restoring the natural pH level of the skin, making it ready for being hydrated.

Tip: Deep cleanse your skin twice a week to deeply cleanse pores,  remove excess oil and dirt, and prevent blackheads.

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